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When you book a cruise, a package beach holiday, air travel or that special luxury trip, the cost can run into thousands of pounds. You may have invested some of that money on your trip and can risk losing it all. Some people either don't think of getting travel insurance or they just don't want to. Some may think they are in perfect health and they are physically active, what could go wrong? If something does, they will deal with it then.

Why should you buy travel insurance?
Why not?  Here at Insured 4 less, travel insurance is cheap and affordable, and when you consider that there are literally hundreds of things that can go wrong on a holiday, from a cancelled flight to a serious illness. In some rare cases an act of terrorism or the financial default of a travel agent, all can cost money that you had originally planned to spend in more enjoyable ways. An illness, accident or other unforeseen circumstance can force a traveller to cancel or interrupt their plans. In that instance they face two major losses: non-refundable deposits and massive medical expenses.
Suppose you find yourself in some mishap that leaves you far from home with no money and unable to keep the reservation you already made with no refunds available. This is where
Insured 4 Less can supply via our select choice of companies the cheaper alternative, insurance protection, therefore it makes financial sense to purchase affordable cheap travel insurance. Most trip travel insurance will cover trip cancellation, trip interruption or delays, medical, dental, emergency medical transportation, lost luggage, accidental death, financial default of airlines, and cruise lines.

Common questions often asked by travellers

What happens if I must cancel their trip or holiday?
Usually a traveller would lose deposits and prepayments that add up to hundreds if not thousands of pounds. A good
travel insurance plan should provide trip cancellation coverage for the traveller's holiday investment and the insurance company will reimburse the traveller for all pre-paid, non-refundable expenses, less an excess which varies depending on the insurer.

How does trip cancellation and interruption coverage work?
It reimburses for forfeited, non-refundable, unused payments or deposits if the traveller must cancel or interrupt their trip due to a covered reason.
Does travel insurance cover acts of terrorism?
Some travel insurance policies do not cover terrorism. They may only cover terrorist acts that occur in foreign countries. Others can cover terrorist incidents both in the UK and abroad.

What is the cost of travel insurance?
This depends on whether you choose, single trip, annual cover, where your destination is, if sports cover is required such as skiing, etc. But at Insured 4 Less you will find affordable cheap insurance that will suit your needs  

I want specific cost effective insurance to suit my needs
We at Insured 4 less can supply cheaper insurance for over 49’s, over 65’s, single, annual, ski and board, etc just click on your choice here or from the travel menu above

Finally always check for duplicate coverage
There are a few types of insurance related to travel that you may not need because you are covered from other sources. Your
health insurance, life insurance or even your car insurance polices may have limited coverage. Thus, you could be buying duplicate coverage. It is important to always compare with your existing insurance policies to insure there are no duplications.

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